About Us 

The Body Stress Release Association (UK) and its practitioners are members of the British Complementary Medicine Association (BCMA).  
Swindon BSR is led by Steve Nyahwa. 
BA Hons 
Cert Ed 
The specially designed BSR couch helps support your spine and prevents the need to roll over during treatment. 
I first studied physiology, psychology at Chester University and in America an SUNY Plattsburg. My studies focussed not only on elite sports performance but on rehabilitation and injury prevention.  
My career in fitness management and wellbeing has spanned over 20 years, firstly as a manager of spa's and healthclubs before becoming a trainer and educator within the health and fitness industry and a qualified teacher in 2010. 
I have always enjoyed working with people, helping them make changes to their lives. I am grateful that I can use my knowledge and skills to improve people’s quality of health, mobility and mental wellbeing. 
The positive benefits of BSR became evident when my daughter was suffering from debilitating daily migraines and headaches. Over a period of four years we tried a number of remedies available through the NHS, a catalogue of medicines and a number of different complementary techniques until we came across BSR. 
The regular BSR sessions helped my daughter reclaim her life, regain her confidence and independence. The headaches still occur periodically, but she is independent of medication and the headaches are less severe and far less frequent.  
The success of the BSR with my daughter inspired me to leave my job and train to become a practitioner in this unique complementary technique. Becoming a BSR practitioner was the natural step for me to take. 
Steve's career journey has now come full circle and he is now focussing on health and rehabilitation once again, working as a Body Stress Release practitioner, where he is able to give people unique personal advice and guidance, based on his wide-ranging experience and his driving desire to help people improve their wellbeing both mentally and physically. 
To find out a bit more about BSR have a listen to this interview on BBC Radio 5 Live between Nicky Campbell and Steve Nyahwa. 

Practice Hours 

Our practice is open from: 
Monday-Friday 8am to 6pm 
Saturdays 9am to 1pm 
(Appointments are available outside of these hours by request) 

Booking Information 

1st appointment: allow 60 mins 
Your first visit will include a detailed consultation where details of your condition, lifestyle and medical history will be taken. No special preparation is required. You are fully clothed throughout the BSR session. 
Further appointments: allow 45 mins 
BSR is a process helping you to retore your wellbeing. For BSR to be most effective you will require a minimum of three visits, taking place over the first two weeks. Subsequent visits will be discussed and planned according to your individual needs. 
Covid Secure 
Swindon BSR is a Covid secure practice where hand sanitiser and face masks are available for all our guests. We have increased the ventilation within the studio and adjusted working methods to maintain social distancing where possible. I have access to bi-weekly Covid testing to help maintain the safety of all our clients. 
If you would like to learn more or book a free consultation 
we would love to hear from you. 
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