Wellbeing In The Community 

Swindon BSR work voluntarily one day per week at the charity TWIGS, based at community gardens in Cheyney Manor, Swindon. TWIGS support mental health through the therapeutic benefits of working with nature. 
Using a portable couch, Swindon BSR have been able to offer the experience of Body Stress Release to many of the service users and volunteers. The BSR sessions have proved to be very popular and fit well with the ethos and surroundings of the beautiful gardens. 
BSR can have very positive mental-emotional benefits for those experiencing feelings of anxiety and depression, and those suffering long-term pain or mobility issues. 
For more information about TWIGS and to access their services, please use the link to their website. 

Corporate Wellbeing 

Swindon BSR has formed a close association with the Medical Research Council, part of UKRI (UK Research and Innovation), based in central Swindon. This multi-agency government organisation has a dedicated wellbeing programme that includes the deployment of Mental Health First Aiders. In support of this, BSR Swindon has been offering Body Stress Release to the staff at UKRI since 2018 within their dedicated Wellbeing Room. 
Sitting for long periods of time working at a computer and the associated work-related stress that comes within many workplaces is a prevalent cause of backache, headaches, anxiety and depression. BSR sessions provided in the workplace can enhance access to wellbeing services, improving the physical and mental wellbeing of employees. 

Client Testimonials 

Body Stress Release has helped many thousands of people. 
Here are some comments from just a few of the clients helped by Swindon BSR... 
Migraines and headaches 
My client showed symptoms of headaches and migraines, as well as tight muscles in her neck and shoulders.  
"This changed my life! I had been suffering with crippling pain from migraines and headaches for months. The effects of BSR started to show after the first few appointments. My migraines have stopped and the frequency of my headaches has dropped dramatically. I would highly recommend Body Stress Release.”  
Elizabeth P - age 43 
Ground worker with chronic back pain 
Justin found mobility and walking particularly difficult, his back pain was constant and restricted what he could do physically. The lack of sleep and constant pain also had an affect on his mental wellbeing. Alongside the BSR we introduced a programme of progressive exercise and yoga helping restore his mobility and zest for life. 
"I have been suffering for over four and a half years with a prolapsed disc in my lower back. For the last six months I have been having BSR treatments with Steve and as a result my pain, discomfort and restricted movement has improved. My mobility in general is vastly better and my pronounced limp is barely noticeable. In addition the overall effect has aided my sleep, my appetite, my wellbeing and health." 
"From my experience I would recommend this form of treatment to anybody who may be suffering with similar problems." 
Justin B - age 46 
Mental wellbeing specialist 
Bob has been a regular client of mine. He works in the demanding field of mental health as a NHS Trust music therapy specialist.  
"My regular BSR sessions with Steve have become an important element in maintaining my sense of well being. The therapy really helps my physical challenges but has also become a key part of my self care and clinical management plan. Invaluable." 
Bob - music therapist 
Long term back and neck pain 
My client had suffered for long term back ache and neck pain with restricted movement of his neck.  
Body Stress Release had an amazing effect. For years I have had a painful back and neck, especially when turning my head to the left. After three visits my back ache had eased and my neck felt great. I have continued monthly sessions because I find them so relaxing. I often fall asleep on the couch.” 
Kevin B - age 58 
Enjoying the benefits of BSR 
Suffering long-term physical pain can often also elicit a mental emotional response and it is not uncommon to find clients in pain also suffering anxiety or depression.  
"I have enjoyed my treatments with Steve, especially feeling "different" and a little carefree when I walk out of the treatment room. I know it has made a big difference with my self-care. As a result of BSR I noticed my posture more and I felt I was able to talk to my GP about reducing my medication. 
"Thank you Steve." 
Belinda L - happy BSR client 
PTSD / Fibromyalgia case study 
My client came to me with a number of diagnosed conditions including fibromyalgia and PTSD. The pain and discomfort ran down their whole body from their face, neck and jaw, though the shoulders and down to their lower spine. The intervention of BSR has helped this client towards the resumption of activity and work. 
The condition had so affected the client that they had lost feeling and “connectivity” with specific parts of their body and they also reported having some memory loss. This phenomenon is described by Dr Bessel Van De Kelk in his work examining how the brain, mind, and body respond to trauma. 
Within two months the client reported feeling of increasing awareness of sensitivity returning to their skin and that the muscles of upper body and neck were starting to relax. The client expressed this as “feeling unlocked”. 
The connectivity continued to improve with successive visits, including the feeling within the skin on the tops of their feet, allowing them to once again feel the sensation of the bed sheets over their feet. Memories also began to make a return. 
Stress can have a number of effects on the body that have both a physical and a mental emotional effect. How neural and mental-emotional conditions can be improved by a physical technique like BSR are still being explored. 
Dancer with neck spasm 
My client booked an emergency appointment when her neck went into spasm during a dance rehearsal.  
"Steve was able to release the muscle spasm in my neck so that I could complete auditions the following day. My monthly BSR sessions helped me maintain my high level of performance."  
Holly G - age 19 
University Student recovering post-cancer  
My client had been a highly creative student who had his life turned upside down and put on hold in his fight against cancer. BSR helped him deal with the physical and mental effects of his chemotherapy and helped him return progressively to regain both his his independence and his creative enthusiasm
“Steve has a natural affinity for young people and with empathy and positivity is able to connect on a deeper level." 
"Our son endured 7 months of isolation in hospital, with heavy rounds of chemotheraphy and total body irradiation. This left its mark psychologically as well as physically." 
"Once he was in remission and discharged from hospital, Steve helped him recover and reclaim his life.” 
Student - age 21 
Tradesman in agony 
My client's back had gone into spasm and he was unable to drive or return to work because of the severe pain and immobility. We completed 4 BSR sessions, which progressively reduced the spasm in his muscles and releived his acute back pain. 
"After working for days on-site I woke up in absolute agony. My back hurt so much I genuinely though I had slipped a disk or broken my back! The pain killers I had been given weren’t touching it. My wife insisted I see Steve but I was doubtful that BSR would work. To my surprise I was pain free and able to return to work after just a few treatments."  
Michael P - age 52 
Occipital Neuralgia 
I have several clients who have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Occipital Neuralgia. Whilst BSR cannot claim to cure these conditions, it has proven to be effective at relieving some of the symptoms, allowing a better quality of life. 
"I have had problems with pain, and swelling in my head for the last four years, which the GP's have diagnosed as Occipital Neuralgia. A friend recommended Steve to me. I have been seeing him for a couple of months, and the change is amazing. I still have the odd lumps and pains, but overall, the recovery has been in the right direction, and after having this problem for four years, I didn't expect a miracle over night!" 
"I would highly recommend BSR and Steve to anyone who has tried different options and not found the right treatment for them. Even without major pain or injury, BSR is a great treatment to help you feel (as the name says), less stressed, and relaxed."  
Lis - photographer and author 
Corporate Wellbeing 
Busy work environments present physical as well as emotional challenges. Workers are often driving to work and then 'driving a desk', working on computers or laptops. The pressure of looming deadlines and increasing workloads adds to this stress. BSR is used by some professional to balance these demands.  
"I find the treatment helps my body relax, and as an active person who enjoys rock climbing and yoga, visiting Steve at least once a month is a brilliant compliment to my routine. It helps me recover after building up tension, and encourages me to be more mindful of my movements and posture."  
"I can recommend Steve as extremely professional, and a person who is very attentive to your needs allowing you to get the most of out of the treatment." 
Heather - Science and Technology Facilities Council 
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