What is BSR? 

BSR is a unique and gentle complementary health technique that helps restore your physical and emotional wellbeing.  
BSR is a surprisingly gentle technique in contrast to the sometimes aggressive and painful treatments like sports massage or chiropractic manipulation.  
People often discover BSR once they have failed to get results from other treatments and medication and are often referred by clients who have found it beneficial. 
The technique was originally developed in South Africa and has become very popular in Holland, where it is endorsed by major Health Insurance providers. It is now becoming increasingly popular across the UK as more people are becoming aware of how beneficial it can be. 
Body Stress Release uses bio-feedback to determine where stored tension may be located in the body. This stored tension undermines the efficiency of the nervous system disturbing the body’s ability to perform at its full potential. 
When body stress is present, there is constant undermining of our well-being physically, mentally and emotionally. Freedom from body stress promotes a better quality of life
Some of my clients have serious illness and injuries or are suffering from the long term physical and psychological effects of being on medication for years, but most clients are suffering from the stress and strain of everyday life which include headaches, restricted joints, backache and sciatica.  
Many clients come from busy office-based environments where they are commuting to work and are then seated for long periods, basically 'driving a desk'. Their symptoms often manifest themselves in backache and knotted shoulders. 
Body Stress Release is for everyone. At Swindon BSR our youngest clients are in their teens and our eldest are in their late 80's. Some lead very physically demanding lifestyles whilst others are relatively sedentary. Our current clients are officeworkers, builders & site workers, athletes and professional dancers, students and the retired. 
People are amazed that such a gentle technique can be so effective in relieving their aches, pains and other symptoms of stress. 
Body Stress Release offers a gentle and effective way to release stored tension from the muscles. 
This stored tension may be the cause of the discomfort or other symptoms you may be experiencing including; neck pain, headaches, back ache, sciatica, cramps and general body aches or anxiety, low mood and lack of energy to name but a few. 
Many people choose to have regular BSR sessions as a lifestyle choice to help improve and maintain their physical and emotional wellbeing. 
If you would like to learn more or book a free consultation 
we would love to hear from you.  
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